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DYING TO BE ALIVE "...Are You?" Debut Album

Image of DYING TO BE ALIVE "...Are You?" Debut Album


DTBA's debut album released June 12th 2010. 14 tracks of Aussie Hip Hop to get your stereo exploding.
Includes foldout poster.

Tracks Listing
1. Intro
2. So you wanna be a gangsta?
3. A party ain’t a party
4. I’m a Soldier
5. The life of Peter Noble
6. Intermission
7. Teenage suicide: Feat Carly Bowen and Nebs
8. Livin’ in the light
9. Intermission
10.Gain the world, lose ya’ soul?
11. B.U.S.Y
12. Martin Luther Intro
13. Luther
14. Father Jean De Brebeuf